Directflight commences trading under the Airtask Group Brand

 May 26, 2016

Directflight Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Airtask Group Limited since 2003, has today announced it has commenced trading under the Airtask Group brand. With lots of exciting developments ahead for the Group, a decision was taken that Directflight would take on the parent brand for trading purposes building on a solid foundation of 33 years’ experience within the aviation sector.  Prior to this change occurring, the Group have sought and received the support of its existing customer base and is pleased to be able to reveal the brand with a refreshed look and presentation of media appropriate for future development of the Group.

The Airtask Group are experienced in the delivery of bespoke services, predominantly working with governmental customers in the field of specialist aviation services. This step comes during a period where significant new activity has commenced for the Group who have recently entered into an agreement to provide Maritime Surveillance services in the British Indian Ocean Territory.  This project has required significant planning and deployment of a Cessna F406 from the UK to deliver the services in the territory.  Whilst accustomed to worldwide flying activity through its contract with BAE Systems and the Natural Environmental Research Council, this is a significant step forward in the operating envelope for the Group.  

The recent acquisition of a DA42 MPP Aircraft and the UK Atmospheric Research Aircraft commencing a detachment based in India of over two months duration indicates another healthy year for the Group. These developments follow the success of 2015 where the Group renewed its contract with Marine Scotland and entered into a Framework Agreement with the Marine Management Organisation in the summer. Under the Framework Aerial Surveillance services are provided to a number of UK agencies including the Borders Agency, Marine Management Organisation, Environment Agency and the Marine Coastguard Agency. 

Group Managing Director Julie Simper stated: 

‘We are at an exciting stage in the development of our group with two new operations commencing this year therefore the time is right to present a refreshed brand to industry. We have assured our existing customer base that whilst they will see the presentation of our brand changing,  the services provided shall not be affected in any way.  The last two years have been exciting for our team with continued successful operations taking place from Cranfield, Inverness and Shetland.  So far this year we have entered into new customer agreements, taken on a new aircraft type and extended our operations area significantly.  It is extremely busy for us and I am extremely proud to play my part in an organisation so clearly focused on excellent service delivery as well as achievable growth’